Online Life|Wellness Coaching is perfect for those who have a busy lifestyle, don't live near someone certified in Life Coaching, or are just looking for services with a bit more affordability and flexibility.

A coach is a consultant, who "stands" shoulder to shoulder with you, the client, to be a catalyst in personal growth, goal setting, and the ability to bring about more positivity into your life. A coach helps a person to identify issues and pushes the client to overcome the barriers holding them back.

  • ★I Take Control of My Own Destiny★

    *best value!

    The I Take Control of My Own Destiny Package comes with 4 (30 min) connections per month that can be used at any time within the month (once a week recommended). This means if you're having a bad week and need to connect twice or even three times, you can! However, once your 4 connections are used up, you would need to purchase another package (or individual sessions). Connections expire 30 days after purchase.

  • ★I Maintain My Positivity★


    The I Maintain My Positivity package is for those who have been clients for some time and are moving forward at such a pace as to not need weekly sessions. This package comes with 2 (30 mins) connections per month. Connections expire 30 days after purchase.

  • ★I Check In With My Well-Being★


    The I Check In With My Well-Being option is for INDIVIDUAL connections and is not part of a package. This option is for those who have been clients for some time and are now mostly independent with their wellness activities but occasionally may need a check in or those who have used up their connections but need more. These Connections (30 minutes), can be purchased one at a time or purchase as many as you like. These do not expire.

  • ★More Info★

    Connections are completed via email or FB messenger. You may be given exercises to complete between sessions, these will be geared toward helping you grow and flourish. In order to find the best exercises, I may do some research after a session and send it to you later that day or the next day.