Sometimes, our wellness is "off" because our chakras are unbalanced, closed, or overstimulated. Perhaps your aura is spiky and you're snapping at everyone around you for no discernable reason. Maybe you're eating well and sleeping enough but something just still doesn't feel right.

It is times like these when you may need Chakra work, aura clearing, crystal healing, basic aromatherapy, therapeutic bathing techniques, etc. I am certified in all of these and am ready to do what I can to start you on the path to inner healing and wellness.

Specific results are not guaranteed. These are tools, not a "get out of jail free" card, you will put your energy into it to improve how things are going in your own life. I am your guide. Let's go on a journey! Open the door and step in...

  • ★Chakra Consult & Meditation★


    Consult will occur via FB messenger or email to identify the most pressing problems and which chakras are in need of help. I will then create a list of suggestions for remedy as well as create a PERSONALISED Chakra Meditation (digital), which I will record and send to you for use whenever and however many times you wish.

    *Personalised meditation will be for ONE chakra. Additional PERSONALISED chakra meditations can be purchased as add-ons within 30 days of session for $75/each. These are completely optional. After the add-on window expires, a new session would need to be purchased.

  • ★Other Consults★

    ($10/initial consult, $100 total consult)

    Initial Consult $10 *if you book a session after the consult you will receive a $10 credit toward your service(s). Services are a total of $100, so you would pay an additional $90 for a total of $100 for the entire session. Add to Cart button below will charge for the intial consult only. Booked sessions will be charged separately.

    Session options include: Aura work, Crystal Healing, Basic Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Bathing, Affirmation work, etc.

  • ★Add-Ons★


    Add-on items to assist in your self-work may be offered for purchase. These may include such things as custom bathing items (ritual bath wash, bath oils, soaps, etc), anointing oils, custom aromatherapy rollers, curated crystal sets, and more. Any bath/body items will be created only with natural carrier oils and essential oils, no chemically produced fragrances. Add-ons are OPTIONAL and billed separately, after the session. Tangible add-ons are available to US or Canadian clients, client pays for shipping.

  • ★Naming Service★


    BE your authentic self!
    We all have a name given to us at birth. It can happen, as we age, change, grow, and learn, that we choose a different name, one that better represents WHO WE ARE NOW. Sometimes though, we don't know what to call ourselves. Perhaps you are looking for a magickal name, or something that will bring you closer to the Zen you seek. OR, you may be expecting and looking for a unique name or nickname for your new addition, or simply want a name that reflects your authentic you.

    My husband and I are told all the time how "b*tchin'" our boys' names are. We've also been asked to create a new magickal name several times, so now, I am offering this service to all! During the consult I will ask information to get an idea what is important to you. Including but not limited to preferred name gender or ethnic origin. I will create a list of names (first, middle... or more- our boys have 3 first names and 2 middle) and from there you can mix and match list names, or pick a full name already on the list.