Romani (Gypsies) have historically been known as tellers of fortunes and readers of cards and tea leaves. In my family, dukkering (divination) is a tradition, one which I am happy and proud to continue. I started off reading tarot when I was 14 and got my first deck (which I still have!) for my birthday. I even hand-sewed a bag for it and put some gaudy plastic beads on it...still have the bag too. I started reading tea leaves for others over 15 years ago. In addition to that, I was gifted a beautiful set of handcrafted stone runes by a friend, so I do offer rune readings as well (and some other things now and a new thing coming!)
Readings are done completely remotely, you do NOT have to be available. Photo and in-depth interpretation will be sent to you via FB message or email.

  • ★8-10+ Card Tarot Spreads★


    OMGWTF?! (10 card or extended 17 cards): What TF does the Universe need you to know RIGHT NOW? THIS is the spread to get to find out! Cards are literally thrown down then I intuitively pick the order.
    Traditional Celtic Cross: The first spread I ever learned, done with my very first deck! My well-worn Rider-Waite deck has a bit of a STORY ...
    Deviant Moon: Similar to a Celtic Cross but a bit darker sometimes, the Deviant Moon deck is a bit more in your face, with gorgeous artwork.
    Velasco-Marín: My family's traditional spread. I will intuitively choose the deck to be used.

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  • ★5-7 Card Tarot Spreads★


    My Siren’s Song spread is my own created 7 card spread spread, inspired by and based on a publicly available spread. It utilises the amazing beautiful Oceanic deck. It touches on negative influences and obstacles, as well as your abilities and strengths to combat them.
    The Orinoco Flow spread helps shine a light on negative feelings that exist for you now. Focus is on how we can release and let go, rising above the situation, and eventually what good will come out of it and what new beginnings can be created to bring positivity back into our lives again. Utilises the beautiful Naked Heart Deck.

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  • ★3-4 Card Tarot Spreads★


    Things Aren't Always What They Seem: Great for muddy situations that need more clarity. Uses the Labyrinth deck (Yes, THAT Labyrinth!)
    You Have No Power Over Me: Perfect for when you have obstacles you are trying to overcome. Also uses the Labyrinth deck. The Goblin King approves of these spreads!
    Readings are done completely remotely, you do NOT have to be available. Photo and in-depth interpretation will be sent to you via FB message or email.

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  • ★Tea Leaves Reading★


    Tea is brewed traditionally while concentrating on the querent. I drink the tea, still concentrating on the person or matter then dump the tea according to my traditions. Reading includes symbols found in the cup, their meanings and a photo of the cup with leaves shown.

    Traditional : covers past influences and what to expect.
    Le Chat Noir : A sassy tea version of the OMGWTF. Focuses on what you need to know right "meow". This reading will touch on important advantages as well as obstacles that will need to be taken care of before being able to move forward.

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  • ★Alley Oracle Dice Readings★


    Down the dark alley... The Alleyman and his traveling companions wait. We watch the shadows for the next soul to wander toward our troupe with questions about life, love, direction, or maybe one who doesn't yet even know the questions they carry deep inside.
    The Gypsy, known as Deadeye to those of the alleyways, sees you, and offers 4 new ways to explore what the Universe is desperate for you to know.

    The Lords' Domain (2 choices: Seasonal or Time): 10 Dice Throw utilising the Lord Cards (22 cards, each which "lords" over a die). Cards are shuffled and the first ten Lords will preside for your reading. The ten dice that are ruled by the ten chosen Lords will be picked out of the case to be used for the reading.
    Down the Alley: (2 choices: Seasonal or Time): ALL 22 Dice Thrown on reading cloth depicting your choice.

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  • ★Traditional Dice Readings★


    Astragalomancy (Dice reading) is turning into a dying art, as not many readers offer this type of divination. I am helping to keep it alive! This (more traditional than my Alley) dice reading utilizes these three gorgeous GEMSTONE dice – opalite, sodalite and amethyst! Reading will focus on SEVEN areas of life, each throw corresponds to one of the areas.

  • ★Palm Readings★


    While I have not read palms for some time, I had for many years. I believe it is time to start again! Because I’m a bit rusty, I’m listing this reading at a deep discount until I’m back in the swing of things, at which time, the price will go up. Try it now for less! How deep of a discount? During recent research, I found that Palm readers may charge up to $20 PER MINUTE! I spend between 30-60 minutes per reading, and my current “back in the swing of things” discount makes your reading only $75! (the equivalent of about a 4 minute reading from the more expensive readers.) This won’t last long!
    I will need from you, a CLEAR unedited photo of your dominant palm. I reserve the right to ask for a better pic if first one isn’t clear enough, this is for YOU, to get the best reading.

  • ★Elder Futhark Rune Readings★


    I have been reading runes since 2013. My Romani Gypsy family taught me tea and tarot… but then one day, a friend gifted me a beautiful rune set that she’d made to sell. As she was putting it in the box with the others she was taking to the festival, she took it back out and handed it to me upon her arrival, saying they had to be mine. It seemed only fair that I honour her gift to me by learning to read them! Runes are thrown, wrong-side up are removed and right-side up are read. I will indicate runes and detailed meanings and symbols.